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21 February 2014 @ 01:25 am
7th Drabble is short because I'm tired  
"Jophiel Tang!"

A young girl with long straight black hair and fair skin turned around at the calling of her full name. She frowned and walked back towards the spiral stairs of her family's mansion, removing the headphones she was currently wearing.

There waiting at the bottom of the spiral staircase was her older brother, Danson. He had short hair with a similar hair color to Jophiel's, and was wearing a slim grey and white suit without a bow or tie. "I called you 5 times. What were you listening to?" He asked her as he approached her right when Jophiel reached the last step of the staircase.

Danson carefully took the headphones from his baby sister and wore them, humming softly. "Holly by All Time Low? It's great you're getting to learn American music now." He smiled at her in approval, causing the latter to smile back. Danson gave Jophiel her headphones back. "So I listened to that late night radio show you pointed out yesterday.... the guy sounds really nice. He's got a charming voice, I'll admit. Very youthful." He mentioned as he guided his sister to the kitchen, where his best friend was making himself comfy at their house.

"Zhou Mi, who were you just on the phone with?" Danson asked as he ignored the smirk on his baby sister's face. The fucker knew he had a thing for soft velvety voices, both women and men. He quickly started making fried rice, trying not to think about the late night radio show host.

Zhou Mi scratched his short, messy dark brown hair and stashed his phone away before his friend could see the call log. "Since you're in my current home country, I thought of inviting someone you might want to know in South Korea."

"Oh, who?"

"That guy you were listening to over the radio recently. You know, Blinger? He's really Jonghyun Kim. He composes for a living." Zhou Mi mentioned casually while secretly grinning at Jophiel, who snickered silently.

Danson froze, nearly burning the fried rice before he snapped out of it quickly to finish cooking. "Y-You know him?" He stuttered slightly, cursing at himself silently for being nervous for no reason.

Zhou Mi grinned at him. "He and I go way back. Zhong Xuan - that's his Chinese name, by the way - is coming over. I hope you don't mind?"

Danson sighed as he served Jophiel and (reluctantly) Zhou Mi before serving himself. "Fine. When will he be here?"

Before Zhou Mi could reply, the door bell rang. Danson glared hard at his (soon to be dead if he could get his hands on him) best friend.

The latter chuckled before running over to the front of the house to open the door from the inside. "Hey, Zhong Xuan!"

"Hey, hyung." And oh god, that voice. Danson nearly melted internally and glared at Jophiel, who chuckled silently while eating her plate of fried rice.

Next thing he knew, Zhou Mi walked back into the kitchen with a short man trailing after him. The man who belongs to the voice that made him sleep peacefully the previous night after the radio show was not who Danson expected to look like. This man had short, bleached white-and-bright-yellow hair and his facial features looked chiseled at the jaw structure, as if he was a handsome version of.....a dinosaur?

The brown hazel eyes staring at him was what made his breath hitch slightly. They had this playful yet innocent look, and Danson could already tell he was a young man with so much youthful energy inside him.

Jophiel coughed intentionally, snapping Danson back to reality. He never actually lusted after men, only joked about it occasionally and thought of good looks towards men. But he's never thought of it before deeply until this moment. What gives?

"Zhong Xuan, this is my best friend, Tang Yuzhe, but call him Danson Tang. There's his baby sister, Jophiel Tang, who's your age, actually." Zhou Mi casually introduced Jonghyun to Danson. The latter blinked and turned to look at Zhou Mi quizzically. "Around Jophy's age?" He asked in English. "You mean he's 24?"

"Yes, I am." Jonghyun spoke in English with a slight accent. Danson slowly turned to stare at the young short man in front of him.

Oh fuck, I'm screwed. This man is 6 years younger than me.
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