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14 September 2013 @ 04:45 pm
Master Post of The Black Hat & Redhead  
Title: The Bad Hat & The Redhead
Author: choi_minju
Pairing: Jonghyun+OC (Madeline)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: adventure, friendship, love, romance, comedy, action
Warning: May have vulgar language at times... and maybe few almost sexual scenes? Who knows.
Disclaimer: It's pretty obvious no one owns SHINee except for themselves. -____-
Summary: Madeline is an orphan of Half French and Korean descent. Her parents have tragically died in a car accident, with her as the only survivor. Stuck in France, she grew up in an orphanage by a lovely nun/teacher named Miss BoA. Life was content for Madeline as she was the smallest, most outgoing, and more braver than the other kids in her orphanage. She has light skin for a Korean and has natural red hair and blue eyes, inheriting both charming looks from her late parents. Indeed, everything in her life seemed good up until the next door neighbors showed up.

Kim Jonghyun is the Spanish ambassador's son. He's half Spanish and half Korean, and has traveled around the world in his childhood years. With his bad boy looks, it's no wonder the boy is spoiled and always pulls pranks on other kids around him. He always wore a black fedora to represent his naughty behavior and good looks. Ever since he met Madeline, however, his main focus is on her only as the two become like Tom and Jerry. He used to be a playboy before, and now he's willing to throw away his bad boy rep as he begins to fall for her.

This story will soon hold adventure of friendships forming and love blooming in the City of Love.

[Prologue]   [Chapter 1]   [Chapter 2]   [Chapter 3]   [Chapter 4]   [Chapter 5]   [Chapter 6]
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