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20 February 2014 @ 06:05 pm
A word from the author/user on LJ:  
Hey! This is going to be a quick note because I have a call time, which is 6:30pm, for a performance that starts at 7pm at the university I go to, so I'll be quick with this.


I know, sucks, huh? Now I'll have to express myself with words.

This is the 2nd semester of my 3rd year in this school. I'm still busy, but I have been updating this site from time to time, haven't I?
I'll try my best to update fics of any kind as much as I can.

Inspiration is slowly starting to hit my head and I'd have to take the time to write them all out efficiently so that readers out there are more willing to read whatever the fuck I write.

Due to my busy schedule, I'll try updating more of The Black Hat & The Redhead, Second Chances Are Rare and First Time In The Library. Those are the stories that aren't exactly with a future plan course in mind. Accompany You will have to wait. In fact, all oneshot birthday requests that I've gotten will have to wait as well. I planned those out carefully already - I just need to type them all out with a more expressive flow of each story.

Just a reminder - and I'll stick this with the footnotes later: Don't click on the tags. They're just for my convenience. Method to the madness, you know?

And just to stay fresh here (because I really like it here when it comes to reading great stories), I'll post an unplanned drabble/oneshot tonight. Most likely it would be a drabble... or what I consider a drabble. I write a lot.

Peace out!
Where am I cooking?: university library
I'm in the mood for: aggravatedaggravated
Hear the fire crackle: none.