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20 February 2014 @ 05:53 pm
The Bad Hat & The Redhead [Chapter 6]  

Title: The Bad Hat & The Redhead [Chapter 5]
Author: choi_minju
Pairing: Jonghyun+OC (Madeline), KeyBer, 2MIN, KhunToria
Rating: PG-15 to NR-17
Genre: adventure, friendship, love, romance, comedy, action
Warning: May have vulgar language at times... and maybe few almost sexual scenes? Who knows.
Disclaimer: It's pretty obvious no one owns SHINee except for themselves. -____-
Summary: Madeline & Jonghyun are at odds with each other in the beginning, but then gradually get along as they go through hardships together. Basically this is a K-Pop story version of the storybook Madeline. Think of Jonghyun as Pepito. ;) Madeline's the natural redheaded French-Korean in Paris and Jonghyun's the tricky boy with the favorite black fedora hat.

This story will soon hold adventure of friendships forming and love blooming in the City of Love.
Chapter 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Prologue] [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

"Say goodbye to Lee Jieun, everyone!" Miss BoA called out after giving a great big hug to said girl. "You'll do well in your new career, young one."

Jieun smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes before getting pummeled in hugs by all of the children from the boarding school and Nichkhun. Miss BoA stepped back and smiled sadly, watching Madeline specifically as she hugged Jieun the tightest.

Jonghyun tilted his head as he leaned against the front doorway near Miss BoA. He had already said his goodbyes before helping Jieun with her bags into the taxi cab. "So she's using IU as a stage name, huh?"

Miss BoA nodded and turned to him. "It's going to be hard on Madeline despite her moral support for Jieun's career."

Jonghyun nodded slowly and stepped off from the doorway. "Miss BoA, can I take Madeline out? There's a carnival I want to take her to."

The head nun of the orphanage looked surprise at him for asking to date her youngest student, despite him not realizing it, by the curiously wondered look on his face. "Madeline once almost got lost at a carnival and she ended up being afraid of clowns...." She sadly stated.

"Oh..." Jonghyun pouted and glanced at said girl, who tried not to cry as she watched with the others stare at Jieun getting into the taxi cab. "There's a concert tonight dedicated to St. Hildegard von Bingen's music. Can I take her there?"

It took almost all of Miss BoA's strength not to laugh at how obvious this was a date. It was also very obvious Jonghyun doesn't even realize he's about to ask Madeline out on a date. "Yes, you can, my child."

So it came as a shock to find Jonghyun at the front doorstep of the boarding school in the early evening, randomly grabbing Madeline by the elbow and tugging her out of the building. "Hey! Where the hell are we going?!" The young redhead shouted in Korean.

The young man wearing his favorite black fedora hat flashed a grin in her direction. "We're gonna check out some music playing live in front of the Musee du Louvre!" Miss BoA began to suspect that her orphanage (for Madeline)/boarding school in France will now have Korean as a main language spoken in the household if both these young people keep this up with their style of conversation.

As she watched Madeline get dragged out of the yard by Jonghyun's excitement, Key and Amber attempted to sneak out from the back door of the kitchen. Without peeking into the kitchen, Miss BoA calmly spoke with a firm voice. "And just where are you two going, Mr. Kim and Ms. Liu?"

The young teens froze and nearly whined as they trudged back to the head nun's peripheral vision. "We were just heading to the Notre-Dame to pray," Key mumbled audibly enough for Miss BoA to hear.

She raised an eyebrow at the young couple. "Isn't there an underground rave party built in near the Cathedral of Notre-Dame?" The couple's eyes widened in shock and guilt before they could attempt to hide it. "That's right, I know things like the back of my hand. March right upstairs, you two." Key and Amber grumbled as they reluctantly climbed up the stairs.

About a minute later, Taemin walked out from the side closet of the staircase and sheepishly smiled with guilt at Miss BoA. "I hope I wasn't ratting them out, Miss BoA...."

The head nun chuckled and pulled out 100 euros to give to him. "No, you weren't. You protected them from harm's way. Now go forth and have a pleasant evening with Minho. I expect you two to be back from the Eiffel tower at around 10:30pm. Understood?" Taemin bobbed his head up and down in reply. "Have a nice evening!" He chirped and kissed her on the cheek quickly before running out the door.

Minho was already waiting outside with a bike built for two people to ride on. He gave his boyfriend a thumbs up as he saw him running towards him.

"That was actually really pleasant. I didn't think she was that cool with her music."

"I know, right?! You have to look her up on Google when you get home! Did you know she was a prophet of the Lord?"

"Really?" Jonghyun nodded in reply with a grin on his face. He watched as Madeline happily laughed with the after excitement of the concert, tumbling slightly ahead of his pace and watching where her boots were stepping. She somehow found her own personal game regarding stone tiles on the ground and her feet jumping on them.

The young man stopped walking and simply watched the young redhead have a little fun by herself near where he parked his motorcycle. He realized then that he couldn't stop smiling at her little antics.

"Yah, Redhead."

She perked up and instinctively turned around, giving herself a little twirl as she fully faced him with a slight grimace on her face at the nickname. "Noir." She uttered back with a slight scrunch of her nose.

Jonghyun laughed and shook his head, moving forward and gently holding her hand. "I want to show you a place. Come with me."

Madeline glanced at the time on her watch from her wrist that didn't have an occupied hand. "It's 11pm already...shouldn't we head back? Miss BoA might get worried." She wondered aloud.

"That's already taken care of. I already texted her, Key, and Amber that I'd have you home soon after this trip." Jonghyun smiled and guided her to his bike. "Just this one place. I recently found it and I want to share it with you."

".....okay." Madeline smiled a bit as she climbed onto the bike after Jonghyun did. She wrapped her arms around his waist and right before he started the vehicle, Jonghyun felt himself blush. What is this strange feeling? It's very familiar, only stronger....

Krystal, Onew, and Luna sighed deeply with boredom while watching the television in the grand living room. Everyone else was asleep in the boarding school and they simply weren't that tired, but rather bored.

Thus the lack of excitement of watching television on a Friday night.

"We interrupt this program for a breaking news story!"

Krystal groaned in approval and flung her arms up. "Fucking finally! I can't watch another episode of Jersey Shore!" She cried out. Onew shushed her while Luna raised an eyebrow at her. "Really? I thought that suited your image, which was why we watched it in the first place."

"There are a group of dangerous criminals who broke out of prison hours ago and is currently driving a getaway van."

"Shut the fuck up, Luna. Onew oppa was the one who changed the damn channel."

"They have weapons and have so far blown up five police vehicles and three public citizen vehicles."

"Hey! Don't pin this on me! It was the only channel that didn't have French on it!"

"The French military is currently prepared to attack. However, it seems that these criminals have now entered a basilica. This is currently live, ladies and gentlemen!"

".....hey, didn't Jonghyun oppa planned on taking Madeline to a basilica?"

Silence filled the room for a moment until Onew spoke up.

"Nah, he wouldn't bring her to where those criminals are. He told me himself that he was planning on taking her to - "

"It seems that the criminals have now taken refuge in the basilica, known famously as the Sacre-Coeur. All police forces and military of France are planning on proceeding with caution."

".......to the Sacre-Coeur."

Both girls stared in shock at the television and at Onew before shaking their heads. Krystal glanced at the clock. "It's midnight - we'll hear Jonghyun oppa's motorcycle minutes from now. They can't be that stupid to go to a location that big at this late in the night." She reasoned to the others.

"We will show you a helicopter live footage of the basilica now!"

All three teens gathered at the television screen.

"If I'm not mistaken..." Onew began, then gulped, before continuing on. ".....isn't that Jonghyun's bike?" He pointed at a spot on the television screen. Sure enough, all three teens recognized the motorcycle.


They sprinted up the stairs and headed towards Miss BoA's room.


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