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30 December 2013 @ 12:32 am
[Eng][PG-15] First Time In The Library [wS-Ai]  
Title: First Time In The Library
Rating: PG-15 (so far for swearing language)
Genre: romance, comedy, yaoi, fluff, AU
Pairings: Jay Park x Jonghyun Kim, side!KeyBer, & noonakiller!Minho + slight!JongTae
Word Count: ??? I never do word counts.
Summary: A struggling music major student is having trouble with conforming in a new location. Romance blooms, despite the awkward encounters and random occurrences.

Chapter 1: Silent Mornings Chapter 2: Rainy Noons Chapter 3: Sunny Afternoons
Chapter 4: Noisy Evenings Chapter 5: Busy Days Chapter 6: Hectic Nights Chapter 7: Awkward Weekdays

Chapter 8: Romantic Weekends

"First Planet Terror and now Scream?! What the hell, you guys?!"

Key, Amber, and Minho laughed while staring at the television screen in front of them. Although the movie Scream just started, the beginning scene was still gruesome to witness. Jonghyun scrunched up his nose at Drew Barrymore's character hanging by her intestines, body completely gutted. He sighed and turned on the lights in his bedroom, causing the occupants on his bed to groan and complain.

"Yah, dongsaengs! I really need your opinion on my outfit!" Jonghyun grumbled and stood in front of the television screen, irritating his friends and forcing them to take a good look at the eldest in the room. They stared at him for a long minute before Jonghyun got impatient. "Well?!"

Jonghyun was dressed in a red-and-white striped shirt from Tommy Hilfiger and dark denim jeans with a few fashion tear holes at the front. Three pairs of eyes traveled from head to toe.....

"YAH, KIM JONGHYUN! DON'T WEAR SHOE LIFTS!" All three of his friends shouted in unison.

The blonde man jumped in place slightly and pouted with a glare. "Why not?!"

Minho raised an eyebrow and retorted. "You and Jay hyung are relatively the same height. If you end up looking surprisingly taller than him, wouldn't that hit his ego, seeing as how he's the eldest?"

Jonghyun narrowed his eyes at Minho. "Who's the eldest between you and me, Minho?"

"............that's different."

"Oh?" The eldest man in the room rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. You have no chance to reach my height."

Key and Amber cracked up in laughter while Jonghyun struggled to climb onto Minho's lap to strangle him to death. Everyone in the house grew silent when the telephone rang for a split second.

"Well, is someone going to go get that?" Key crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow. Amber noticed the movie still going on the screen and at her boyfriend's slightly shaky frame. "Key baby, are you scared?" She smirked at him slightly.

Key frowned and whipped his head to glare at her. "Fine, so what? You answer the phone then."

Amber's smirk fell from her face once there was a loud knock coming from the front door of the house. No one dared move from their positions.

"........that could be your date, hyung."

"Shut up, Choi. He could have called."

Everyone's breaths hitched when the phone rang again right when scary background music turned up on the television set from the movie currently playing. Jonghyun slowly climbed off from Minho's lap and reached for the portable cordless home phone, with Minho's hand still placed comfortably on his hip. He answered the phone with a whispered, "Hello?"

"Jjong, I'm outside your door! You ready yet?"

Jonghyun's body immediately relaxed at Jay's voice. "Yeah, hyung. I just need to put on some shoes." He reached for the remote and turned off the movie, causing his friends to whine. He covered the speakerphone and gestured for them to help him. "Someone be polite and open the door while I get new shoes!" He whispered with a hiss.

Key rolled his eyes and hopped off of Jonghyun's bed to go open the door for Jay. Amber followed him while Minho helped Jonghyun look for another pair of shoes.

A few minutes later, Minho and Jonghyun appeared through the hallway, with the latter wearing white Reebok high top shoes. They spotted Jay wearing glasses, a simple black uniform coat over a white long-sleeved thin shirt, a simple black belt, and black sleek jeans with shoes that match Jonghyun's. The young man was sitting on the couch for a moment before he noticed Jonghyun and stood up, immediately walking towards him. "You look good, kid." Jay spoke in English and smirked.

Jonghyun blushed and mumbled in English, "You, too..."

Minho sighed in exasperation and pushed his light blonde friend towards his date. "Have fun, you two. Jay hyung, bring him by 10:00 pm."

"Fuck that. Bring him back at 9!"

Amber sighed and punched Key's side, who let out a painful shout. "Babe, it's cute you're protective, but let them have a good time."

A few hours later, Jay managed to find a place to park near Jonghyun's house since there was a party at a neighbor's house, and there was very limited parking at the driveway. He smiled and checked his watch, which read 10:01pm, while walking across the street with Jonghyun beside him.

Jonghyun grinned and had a slight bounce in his step, showing how gleeful he currently was as he held a huge stuffed teddy bear. "Hyung, I had a great time today!" He exclaimed cheerfully.

"Oh?" Jay grinned at him as he led Jonghyun to walk away from the street and onto the far end of the sidewalk. He casually wrapped his arm around Jonghyun's waist, causing the latter to blush deeply with a smile still on his face.

"Yep! Thank you for winning this for me!" He thrusted the jumbo teddy bear in Jay's face. The latter laughed and pushed it back to Jonghyun's arms, who clutched it tightly against his chest.

"It's no problem, Jjong. I don't mean to boast, but I'm an Ace at sharp shooting with a rifle!"

Jonghyun nodded with delight shown in his eyes. "That was awesome! You're so cool with a gun! Plus going on all the rides at the carnival were fun! Oh - I also want to thank you for buying me food like cotton candy, popcorn, cake pops - "

"Come to think of it, I bought you lots of sweets and junk, didn't I?"

" - a slice of fruitcake, soda pop, and hot dogs!"

"Yep, a lot of junk."

The blonde man smiled slyly at the brunette beside him as they stopped at the front yard. "Maybe I'll buy a more healthy dinner on our next date. A nice classy restaurant for once, maybe tomorrow."

Jay's eyebrows raised in surprise. "You want another date?" He smiled bashfully in return.

"Mhm." Jonghyun nodded and looked around them before quickly reaching up to peck Jay on the lips. He quickly pulled away to see Jay's reaction.

The dark brunette slowly took off his glasses and blinked in surprise at Jonghyun. One moment later he cupped Jonghyun's cheek with one hand and leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips, a slightly longer kiss compared to the quick one they just shared. Jonghyun hummed softly into the kiss and pressed closer to Jay, tilting his head slightly and parting his lips hesitantly. Jay took advantage of the opening and slowly pushed his tongue in Jonghyun's mouth, causing the latter to moan softly into the kiss.

Both of them had their eyes closed and were in their own world, forgetting the jumbo teddy bear that Jonghyun dropped at the front door porch when the kiss started and the porch light turning on. Once the porch light turned on, all the other holiday lights lit up across the lawn, roof edges, bushes, and around the tree at the front yard.


Jay and Jonghyun quickly pulled themselves apart and blushed deeply, slowly turning to the person who interrupted them.

Mr. Kim, also known as Key's father, and Minho both stood tall and with arms folded across their chests. Their eyes slowly glanced down at the jumbo teddy bear on the porch floor. Both Jay and Jonghyun looked down at the teddy bear as well. "Oh!" Jonghyun exclaimed and quickly took the teddy bear, holding it to his chest again. "Goodnight, hyung! See you tomorrow here at 6pm, okay?" He winked and quickly scurried inside the house.

Jay goofily smiled at Jonghyun's retreating figure before glancing at the two pairs of glaring eyes narrowed in his direction. He nervously chuckled and waved. "He....um....asked me out for tomorrow's date....heh...." He quickly ran back to where he parked his car.

Mr. Kim slowly closed the door and locked it. He and Minho stood there for a few seconds before bursting out in snickers.

"I CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING!" Jonghyun's voice suddenly shouted from his room.

Another voice arose from Key's bedroom. "YOU BARELY CAME HOME NOW?!"


"......yes, dear." "Sorry, Aunt Kim." "I'll go to sleep, jeez, mom!" "I'm getting ready for bed, Auntie Kim."

"That's what I thought."
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