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20 December 2013 @ 11:58 pm
[Eng][PG-15] First Time In The Library [wS-Ai]  
Title: First Time In The Library
Rating: PG-15 (so far for swearing language)
Genre: romance, comedy, yaoi, fluff, AU
Pairings: Jay Park x Jonghyun Kim, side!KeyBer, & noonakiller!Minho + slight!JongTae
Word Count: ??? I never do word counts.
Summary: A struggling music major student is having trouble with conforming in a new location. Romance blooms, despite the awkward encounters and random occurrences.

Chapter 1: Silent Mornings Chapter 2: Rainy Noons Chapter 3: Sunny Afternoons
Chapter 4: Noisy Evenings Chapter 5: Busy Days Chapter 6: Hectic Nights

Chapter 7: Awkward Weekdays

Somehow things turned out sweetly for Park Jaebeom and Kim Jonghyun.

After that embarrassing moment from the basketball coach's shouts in the hallway of the gym, everyone at the gym and the dance room overheard and caught Jay leaning really close to Jonghyun. Everyone was slightly shocked, but to Jonghyun's surprise (and relief), their audience was a bunch of athletic college students and staff members. They either congratulated them for hooking up or shrugged and continued on with their practices.

However awkward it was at that evening, it was even more awkward the next week during the day.

Everywhere they turned, people would no longer look at them as friends. Strangers would either stare or pat one of them on the back, asking them how their relationship was going.

Taemin was the only one brooding about it, despite no one noticing he was even upset about it at all. (Actually, Minho and Key did notice, which got them happy for the entire semester.)

Jay and Jonghyun would act awkward every time they accidentally bump into each other or cross each other's paths. And saying it was awkward was an understatement.

It got to the point when Key couldn't take it anymore and decided to interfere.

"Hyung? You sure this is okay?" Minho asked while waiting for Key, checking his watch every now and then in front of the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. His hair was a bit damp but newly dried and had a new dark red auburn color mix.

Key emerged from the bathroom with completely styled black hair. Minho scowled at him for taking so long, to which Key retaliated by flipping him off and sat on the edge of Minho's bed. They were in Key's room at the moment.

"This plan is perfect. Jay hyung won't know what hit him once he sees Jonghyun's hair dyed again like the first time they met - OH MY GOD I FORGOT!" Key suddenly screeched at the last part of his sentence and ran out of his room.

Minho blinked several times before he noticed what was wrong and chuckled. He stuck his head out of Key's room and shouted down the hallway. "You forgot to tell Jonghyun hyung to take a bath, huh?!"




The tall athletic student laughed loudly while drying his hair with the towel around his shoulders. It was then that he heard a ringtone of Obliviate by IU. "What...?" He looked around Key's room and found a Samsung Galaxy S3 cellphone with the cover of the tan Rilakumma bear. "Oh, Jonghyun hyung forgot his phone here...." Minho mumbled to himself as he picked up the device. His eyes widened at the familiar picture appearing on the screen. To his better judgement, he answered the phone with excitement.

"Donghae hyung! It's been so long!" Minho exclaimed over the phone.

A chuckle softly rang out of the mobile device. "I recognize that deep voice. Choi Minho, is that you? How's my baby brother doing?"

"Oh, Key's washing his hair right now. Dying it blond.... sort of. How are you, hyung?!"

"I'm doing well. I called to let Jjong know that the court settlement between us and our parents are settled. I finally got them spending time behind bars in Korea for child neglect."

Minho let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God! Does that mean you're coming here to America?"

"Of course! I'm not staying here where Jjong and I had horrible childhood memories!" Another chuckle came from the phone. "I'm coming next week to check on a house I bought in the area where your school is, but I basically now get to transfer work over there."

"That's great! So you'll be doing more lawyer stuff, hyung?"

"That's right, dongsaeng. My passion for law didn't come just from our parents' abuse over us, especially over Jjong..... I really like being an attorney. Tell Jjong I'm coming over there, okay? So he's gotta pack his stuff by next week."

"Don't worry, I'll tell him. I'll even help!" Minho smiled at the thought of his idol, Jonghyun's brother, coming to America and staying for good with Jonghyun.

After a few goodbye greets, Minho hung up the phone right when he heard two unmanly screams from Jonghyun's room. He dashed out of Key's room to run right into Jonghyun's bathroom. The sight before him made him freeze.

Jonghyun growled at Key, who looked like he wanted to disappear. The main attraction of this scene was that Jonghyun's blonde hair was unintentionally brighter.....as if it was nearly bleached white. It was still blonde, nonetheless.

Minho stared at Jonghyun's hair for a long good minute before cracking up.

The short blonde threw a hairbrush at him.

Jay looked around his surroundings before rechecking his text.

New message from: Hyunnie

Meet me at the library after your speech class is over, k? 4th floor

The man with the short black hair and tattoos sighed and glanced at the nearly empty floor of the library. Where could he be? .....could he have been harrassed again by people thinking we're a couple? His thoughts ran wild as he ran a hand through his cropped short hair. I shouldn't have tried to kiss him....

"Jay hyung!"

At the sound of his name in Korean honorifics, the said man turned around and his breath hitched.

There, standing between the bookshelves, was Jonghyun with a bright head of bleached hair. He smiled at Jay with enthusiasm and bounded towards him.

Oh fuck, he's gorgeous....

Jay still stared in shock when Jonghyun embraced him. As soon as he felt the warm body and had a whiff of his cinnamon cologne, his mind snapped back to reality and he hugged him back.

He missed this so much. The awkward tension between them had somehow dissipated.

"You dyed your hair...." Jay whispered at Jonghyun's temple. The latter shivered and nodded, feeling the cool air ventilation of the library.

Jay smiled at the shorter man's hair, reaching a hand over it to caress the light blonde soft strands on the man's head. Jonghyun nearly purred at the touch and leaned towards his hand. Neither of them noticed a certain auburn-haired boy with a camera., sporting a glare on his facial features.

They briefly pulled away from each other, and that's when Jonghyun noticed something on Jay's skin.

"Hyung, you got a tattoo on your chest?" The blonde man asked the black-haired man.

Jay chuckled and unbuttoned his plaid shirt, revealing his entire chest and abdomen area. There was a lion where his heart should be located, and it lead to his left arm. Jonghyun frowned and tugged slightly at the plaid shirt, causing Jay to laugh and look around before peeling off his shirt entirely.

Jonghyun gasped in awe at Jay's left arm, covered entirely of tattoos. He stepped closer and traced every inked line, making Jay shiver at the cool touch of fingertips tracing his skin.

The blonde man stopped tracing lines once he found a small white tattoo heart on Jay's left hip, located precisely right above his jeans. There was a hidden message beside the small heart so Jonghyun moved his hand over to Jay's hip and traced the white ink tattoo. He gasped at the simple yet clear message:


"H-hyung...." Jonghyun stuttered slightly and looked up at Jay.

Jay bit his lip and stared back at Jonghyun, thinking how it's 'now or never'. "Jjongie, I've been thinking.... before that basketball coach caught us...." He spoke softly so that he wouldn't upset his friend. "....would.....would you have kissed me back?"

Jonghyun's eyes widened in stunned silence. He didn't expect those words to come out of his mouth. ".....wait, so you like me too?!" He blurted out, blushing slightly.

Well it was already a given how blunt Jonghyun could be sometimes.

But in this case, bluntness works.

Jay choked out a laugh and nodded, blushing slightly as well. "I miss you.....it's been a week since we've talked comfortably."

"Me too..." Jonghyun admitted. The two of them smiled and leaned closer together, closing their eyes.....

"I swear to God if Dr. Lee makes me play Fur Elise again I'll - OH GOD I'M SORRY!"

Both Jay and Jonghyun sprung apart and turned to the end of the bookshelves.

Taecyeon and Nichkhun gaped at them in shock and embarrassment, staring at Jonghyun's blonde hair then at Jay's half nude body. It was Nichkhun who quickly first came to and coughed awkwardly. "Um, sorry to interrupt, but you have to put on your shirt before authorities on campus see you...." He mumbled audible enough for the others to hear.

Jay blushed deeply and quickly dressed his plaid shirt back on while Jonghyun helped with the buttons, blushing profusely. Taecyeon chuckled a bit and awkwardly stumbled back to his study desk where he left his school supplies and books. Nichkhun silently made himself the lookout on the 4th floor of the library. So far not many people were noticing the new couple emerging from the bookshelves, both blushing deeply.

"Thank you, Taemin, for helping us find out if they are together or not!" Key fake cheered while taking the camera from a moody Taemin. Minho snickered silently behind the young teen with Amber.

Taemin glared slightly down at Key and huffed, stomping away from the outskirts of the university library. Once he was gone for sure, all three of Jonghyun's friends laughed loudly and high fived each other.

"Do you think he'll stop with the bet thing?" Minho asked after he was done laughing.

The couple quickly recovered from laughing as well and frowned in unison. "Most likely not. Knowing him, he might try getting laid with just Jonghyun this year," Key bemused.

Amber and Minho sighed in exasperation and made 'support/fighting' signals by putting their fists in the air.

Wooyoung and Junho watched Jay pace back and forth in his bedroom at his apartment that he shares with them and his other b-boy crew/friends. The two friends of his were currently laying down on their stomachs with their chins resting on their hands.

Jay was currently stressing over the many clothes lined up in front of him, which were being held by Chansung and Junsu. "Okay, I've got 4 choices to choose....hmmm...."

Junho snorted. "Yeah, over the 30+ outfits that you denied and tossed over on the poor kid there." He jabbed a thumb over on the huge pile created on the floor beside the bed, with Jino's head sticking out of the pile. The young man was not pleased with the current situation afoot.

Wooyoung shook his head. "Just treat this as a hang out like usual, except you can act out your feelings more with him." He advised Jay wisely. Everyone else in the room nodded.

Jay sighed and ran a hand through his short hair. He decided not to style it as much to make it look natural instead of a stylish form of a mohawk. "You guys, I'm hoping to give him a first kiss and everything wonderful on a first date! And it's Kim Jonghyun!" He exclaimed in Korean.

"Boy, you must have it bad if you're talking fast in Korean..." Junsu mused out loud. He shook one of the outfit choices he was holding. "Choose this one - use your white hat, knee high white socks, and white sneakers!" It was an outfit consisted of a white tank top with an NYC design logo and dark denim calf shorts.

Chansung scoffed and shook his head, waving one of the choices he was also holding in his hands. "Choose this one, hyung." It consisted of a purple MTV sweater and dark washed denim jeans. "Wear the purple Nike shoes with them."

"No way!" Wooyoung shouted and hopped off the bed, walking over to the other outfit Chansung was currently holding. "Choose this one with the red & black sneakers and your black cap!" The outfit consisted of a black shirt with a red bleeding graffiti logo, matching colored Nike Letterman jacket, and another pair of denim washed jeans.

Junho made a tsking noise and shook his head, hopping off the bed to look at the other outfit Junsu was currently holding. "You gotta choose this, hyung! Wear it with your blue Nikes!" The outfit was of a white collared button down shirt, a skinny black tie, a brown belt with a fancy Texan buckle, and dark denim skinny jeans.

Jay sighed and ruffled his own hair. "This isn't helping me!" He cried out and glared at the outfits.

"......um.....what about this?"

Everyone turned around to see Jino standing up from the pile, laying down his choices neatly on Jay's bed. The outfit was of a simple black uniform coat, a white long-sleeved thin shirt, a simple black belt, and black sleek jeans.

"You could, um, wear it with glasses - not those poser fake ones. I think Jonghyun hyung hates those."

Jay beamed at Jino and embraced him in a hug. "I knew there was a reason why I kept you!"

Jino looked out helplessly and scared of the tight embrace, but the rest of the crew in the bedroom were grinning at him with thumbs up.
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jayjjongsterjayjjongster on December 24th, 2013 10:11 am (UTC)
i love this fic so much!!! glad to see you updating, i thought you'd never update hahah. gogo! ^_^
choi_minju: Minhochoi_minju on December 29th, 2013 12:46 am (UTC)
Haha thanks for reading and the love! I'm just slowly updating because stuff always comes up. I'll update another chapter soon! ^^