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19 January 2013 @ 11:17 pm
[sticky post] Announcement!  
I feel like I've done enough advertising on what I've written so far in the past year to the communities, so I'll just stop right there.
If you're reading this right now and want to look for a fanfic to read, I suggest going to the side of this journal and click on the Candy store button, which contains all the stories and random drabbles that I have written out of boredom. If you want to read more of my small writing work, click the Sweet filling button for fillers.

This journal contains the following pairings that I write in my stories:

  • JongKey / KeyHyun

  • JongKyung

  • OnKyung

  • 2MIN

  • Jonghyun+OC

  • KeyBer

  • KhunToria

  • Eli+OC

  • MinKey

  • Taemin+OC

  • JayHyun

  • JongHo / HoHyun

  • MinKhun

  • JayKhun

  • TaeSica

  • JongTae

  • Minho+OC

Enjoy. :)
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